Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Measures


Like most items in the house, the garage door needs to have the right kind of maintenance so as to ensure reliability and durability when it comes to operations. Ongoing and scheduled maintenance is very important so as to ensure the door is always in good shape. By ensuring this, you will be able to prevent future problems and also avoid any expensive repair bills. Maintenance of a garage door should be done at least after every three months. This will ensure it is always in good condition so visit Ausdoors Garage Doors Sydney website.

Lubricating of the garage door

Lubricating the garage door is very important. When you are applying lubrication, you need to make sure that you do it in the right way. There are several things that need to be done you are applying a lubricant. If you have a squeaking part on the garage door, you are advised to start off with that area. Ideal lubricants that one should use include a lithium spray or silicone spray. Some of the parts that may require lubrication include hinges, metal rollers, chain rail, ball bearings and other parts.

Cleaning the Door Track

When the garage door track starts making noise or even sticky, one needs to clean it. Most people apply lubricant to the track, but this is not advised. Lubrication of the track will lead to the accumulation of particles which will spoil the garage door. One should thoroughly clean the track instead of lubricating. Proper cleaning of the track will ensure that the door continues to work efficiently.

Installing Weather Seals

When you install weather seals on your garage door, you will end up saving as an owner. This will prevent moisture from getting into the garage. The weather seals are usually applied at the bottom part of the garage door, on the frame and also between the panels.

Realigning the Garage Door sensors

You may find that the door sensors are not working properly when you operate you door. These may be due to the fact that the sensors have been removed out of line. To fix this, you must realign them back to normal. The sensors should be positioned facing each other.

There are other maintenance measures that one should keep in mind when they have a garage door. It is quite essential that you ensure that it is in good condition. Some of the maintenance measures do not require an expert, one can just do them on their own.

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